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The beginnings ...

The Arnica-Ginger lotion came about by Donna wanting a better product to use on her stressed knees. She had tried several natural products over the years trying to alleviate the swelling and pain that frequently plagued her knees. Some products were better than others. Determined to have yet a better solution, she contacted her friend Kathy, who had decades of making home personal remedies and beauty products experience. Together, Donna and Kathy experimented until they came up with a great formula. Not only do they hand-make the product with the best natural ingredients available, but they infuse the lotion with energetic healing intentions, as it is being made. As you can see by the testimonials, many who have tried the Arnica-Ginger lotion are happy with the results. They are even finding more applications for the lotion than we imagined!

Kathy Lickteig

Kathy began making soaps, medicines and herbal products for her family when her children were small.  Over the years, she has continued to nurture her interest in herbs and natural healing remedies through both study and practice. An avid gardener, Registered Nurse and Massage Therapist, she practices a holistic and natural approach to health and well-being.


Donna Lambdin

At home, Donna has enjoyed flower, herb, & vegetable gardening, most of her Life. Being surrounded by the beauty and the healing qualities of Nature has always been important and necessary to her. For 28 years, she owned, operated, and trained other people in Interior Plant Sales, Design, & service for commercial office buildings. “Dancing with Tropical Plants” was a professionally produced, inter-active, interior plant training dvd she filmed to educate plant lovers in their own homes. 

Since she was a young Ballet dancer, Donna has tried very hard to follow a wellness program for herself that included plenty of rest, good nutritious food, vitamins, & lots of water.
Over time, the over use of joints, wear & tear of aging, repetitive movements, and hard physical work, started to take its toll. Alternative and natural healing methods became part of Donna’s daily routine, study, and practice. Since 2001, Donna has become passionate about energetic healing. Studying a variety of healing modalities, with qualified Teachers, books, travel, meditation, and Yoga, she has been able to move forward with intention of wellness, for herself and others. She teaches and mentors self-wellness practices. This has led her to the making of the Arnica-Ginger Lotion.

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