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Healing with Intention Using Handcrafted Body Products

Plants have been used for healing for as long as life has been on the earth. Their efficacy does not have to be “proven” in a laboratory. Unlike synthetic chemicals that are found in modern-day, mass-produced body products and medicines, plants promote the natural functions of the body in a holistic way. With regular use over time, they strengthen and nourish from within. Any treatment of an illness or symptom must take into account the needed spiritual growth of the individual. In the relief of symptoms, one may find themselves being led to discover the underlying cause of the problem. One is then encouraged to experience the “why” of the symptom or illness. Then there is growth from this knowledge.

We believe that natural products derived from living plants carry that plant’s “spiritual” essence, which the receiver can access with intention, and which can assist one to discover the cause of distress. Plants act slowly and thoroughly on a deeply fundamental level, allowing one to experience the cause of pain or disability. There is then time to make adjustments and changes in one’s life that can lead back to the path of wholeness. One may learn to make better choices. Sometimes it is learning to live with a disability, to honor the lessons learned from it, and to exemplify this in the living of one’s life. The disability can become a stepping stone forward on one’s path. At another time, the learning enables one to move forward and out of the imbalance. However the learning happens, one has received a gift and is nourished.

For the best effect and result, one should have an attitude of reverence and gratitude toward the plants for the gifts they provide for healing. It is in the relationship that one has with plants, the intention, that the power for healing resides.

We strive to mindfully infuse each one of our products with the intention that it will be utilized for the highest good of the receiver. Our sincere hope is that our products will provide healing and encouragement on your path toward health and wholeness of body and spirit. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We are here to help.

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