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Healing with Intention Using Handcrafted Body Products
Using Handcrafted Body Products

Our handcrafted body products are excellent for the skin. They contain no fillers, stabilizers, artificial preservatives, detergents, chemicals or dyes, which are commonplace in mass-produced manufactured products. Handcrafted body products typically contain minimally processed ingredients which are simple, naturally wholesome and grown in the earth. The shelf life of these body products is less than those that are mass-produced and adulterated, which is testimony to their purity, “aliveness” and healing-available ingredients. Shelf life is easily extended with extra care taken by keeping away from light, storing in a cool place and using within a reasonable period of time.

Handcrafted body products carry plant and human energy and vibration, rather than the mechanized vibration of an assembly-line where products are produced without human interaction. Each handcrafted batch is unique and a creative endeavor of the individual preparing it.

Our handcrafted body products are rich in naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and wholesome nutrients that nourish and encourage health without using harsh, unnatural and artificial ingredients, known to disturb body balance, cause sensitivities and build up in the body over time. Our products utilize the wisdom of older cultures that have long-used and relied upon ingredients taken from their natural surroundings for effective healing with enduring results. Biologically active and naturally derived ingredients taken from nature are easily “recognized” and utilized by our bodies.

Locally and regionally sourced handcrafted products are good for the environment. They are naturally recyclable, easily biodegraded and earth-friendly. Purchasing locally handcrafted products encourages and supports the building of a stable, self-sufficient and sustainable community. .

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