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All of the herbs, plant material, oils and other ingredients that we use in our products are sourced from local and regional suppliers who support ecological and environmental responsibility, both in the selection of ingredients from renewable and natural sources and in the preserving of those natural habitats from which they come. They support wild harvesting and organic farming methods without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. They are involved in recycling, in renewable energy programs, sustainable business practices and are involved in protecting and preserving the Earth. We believe that the good deeds they perform and the positive energy that they generate in their dedication to these practices flows through our products as well.

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OLIVE OIL  -- We use pure olive oil for infusing herbs and plants for our products. Olive oil has been known for its healing qualities for generations and for its rejuvenating effect on skin cells. It moisturizes, softens and smoothes dry and irritated skin.

COCONUT OIL -- Also used for infusing herbs and plant material for our products. Coconut oil is revered for itís ability to provide moisture to the skin and to form a protective layer to retain it. It is suitable for sensitive or inflamed skin and has a superior softening effect. It is used also for itís lather-producing effect in soaps.

PALM KERNEL OIL -- Well known for its skin-moisturizing quality, palm kernel oil is also used widely in soap-making for its hardening and lathering effects.

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